Cross-border structuring is about selecting the most favourable jurisdictions for different business entities that operate under the same umbrella.

Cross-border structuring is an important part of financial planning for international companies, as skilful structuring of the way an international company trades and holds overseas subsidiaries can lead to significant tax savings.

PRIMEX can help you take advantage of the unique characteristics of favourable tax jurisdictions and double tax treaties between countries, to reduce your overall tax obligations arising from dividends, royalties, interest and revenue, as well as management fees and loans.

As the traditional offshore jurisdictions are coming under increasing pressure, we have refocused our attention on countries that currently offer tax expediency combined with confidentiality.


Our dedicated international tax professionals assist our clients with their cross-border tax structuring, planning, reporting and risk management.

Our market-leading Global tax desk network – a co-located team of highly experienced professionals from multiple countries – has revolutionized the way we provide international tax services. We work with you to build proactive and truly integrated global tax strategies that address the tax risks of today’s businesses and achieve sustainable growth.


Global tax experience, available right in your neighborhood.

The Global Tax Desk Network has revolutionized the provision of international tax services. Professionals serving on desks work side-by-side with colleagues on similar rotations, creating a dynamic, team-based environment that fosters the development of truly integrated planning solutions – whenever and wherever they are needed.

The Global Tax Desk Network is a group of global tax specialists on temporary assignment from their home jurisdictions to work, in “clusters”, with other desks and with local tax professionals. Clusters are located strategically in major business centers so that our desks can respond to your challenges immediately and cost-effectively, avoiding time zone barriers and the high price of international travel.

The desks are in constant communication with each other and with other PRIMEX international and corporate tax professionals to keep abreast of developments in local and international tax legislation They work as a team – tackling the same problem from all sides – thoughtfully identifying considerations with your cross-border transaction.

The Global Tax Desk Network is an integral part of EY’s longstanding professional exchange program, pioneered more than 20 years ago. Our network comprises more than 250 tax practitioners representing 26 jurisdictions in 33 cities.


Our EU tax professionals are based in every member state. Their insights and experience help you build proactive and integrated tax strategies that address EU tax opportunities and risks.

For further information on accession country tax issues, please contact one of these tax professionals or your local PRIMEX tax advisor.


A study covering the 27 European Union Member States: Knowing how the payment of cross-border dividends will be taxed in the European Union is crucial for a multinational organization, both for tax compliance purposes and for effective tax planning and international structuring. But with 27 Member States in the EU, it can be difficult to keep track of each country’s requirements.


The European Union presents a series of complex challenges and opportunities. Our network of EU tax specialists issue a range of materials, to keep you up to date with the latest news on EU case law and court proceedings. This includes the EU Competency Group Alerts, which are produced as issues arise, and our EU Tax Newsletter, which provides in-depth commentary and analysis on EU tax issues every two months.