About Us

Established 2014 by high-level finance professionals


Is the leading one-stop corporate service provider which operates in Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao and Europe. Our range of services includes company registration and incorporation, application of work visas and employment passes, taxation, accounting services and audit, business support and corporate secretarial services, as well as offshore companies formation. Our priority is express service for individuals and companies that wish to incorporate and do business in Singapore.

Simple Incorporation

Let us setup your company and enjoy our seamless online experience with PRIMEX.

Share management

Easily view and manage your share structure. Quickly transfer shares online.

Easy governance

Simple corporate actions are automatically synchronized with the government

Transparent pricing

No hidden fees, no trick pricing. We pride ourselves on the transparency our clients expect

Competitive rates

Our unique efficiencies, continually improved and updated, mean less time and labor for all. And that spells lower prices for you. At the same time, we offer direct and personalized service how and when you need it.

100% online, and fast

It’s always true that time is money. That’s why we built PRIMEX’s unique SameDay system. It incorporates companies so quickly, you never have to leave your seat.

Proven security

Information and data security is serious, so we keep every clients’ details safe.

Deadlines and notifications

PRIMEX makes certain you meet legally required deadlines by alerting you well ahead of time.

Creative, flexible approach

There are many reasons to start a new Hong Kong company. We strive to understand your needs, and help your firm succeed.


Based in country, our independent experts understand the local market and all its associated legal, financial and regulatory compliance requirements.


We can offer an individual and tailored service that is scalable in line with business needs and is invoiced in whatever currency or location the client prefers.


Our local presence allows businesses to take an agile approach and enter new markets more quickly than their competition.


Through our world-wide network of wholly-owned offices, we can offer global reporting and one single point of contact to businesses operating across multiple regions; leveraging technology to combine our local expertise with transparency and risk control.


We are the only global organisation to offer a complete suite of complementary business services.


DIY (Do It Yourself) and professional expertise. Helps you to save money on handling data, while backing you up and saving your time on checking, submitting and updating records.

PRIMEX allows you to easily and quickly incorporate or transfer a company, as well as maintain its accounts and statutory records properly, in accordance with SIngapore laws and regulations

Our system is cloud based so all your data is automatically and safely backed up so you need not worry about installing software or backing up yourself. This also means you can access our solutions anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Efficient, accessible, complete, LCCS is a low cost but quality service provider focusing on value-added services, providing a lot of free information and answering any questions or requests within 24 hours (except weekends and public holidays).

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